Mini Fun Fair 2010

Date: 3rd July 2010
Venue: SR Bakiau

Last Saturday, the school had a mini fun fair for the students in conjunction to the school leadership program for FIN (Fun in Numeracy) and Early Bird Program. In a normal fun fair, players will have to pay for their games but in the mini fun fair, students do not have to pay but they will be required to answer questions, both in Maths, English and Bahasa Melayu. Questions were set according to their level and the games can be played after the students can answer the teacher's questions.

There were altogether 8 games, Booth 1 to Booth 8.
Booth 1 - Shooting corner
Booth 2 - Solving a crime case.
Booth 3 - Hit the bottle.
Booth 4 - Aim the cone.
Booth 5 - Poke the Balloon.
Booth 6 - Fishing corner.
Booth 7 - Ting Ting corner.
Booth 8 - Bingo Games.

The mini Fun Fair was officially opened by Cikgu Dk Hjh Haidah binti Pg Hj Mahadar, our Headmistress of Bakiau Primary School. The games started at 8.45 a.m and ended at 12.15 p.m. It was a fun day for all teachers, students and also parents who were invited to come and participate in handling the booths and enjoying the games set for the students. Prizes were given on the spot to the winners. All students played the games and was given a checklist for the games the students had participated in, so that all the students will have equal chance to play each game.

Parents were also encourage to help their kids in solving a problem. Most of the parents involves in the games with their students and even some, were able to enjoy themselves by playing some of the games set.

Finally, the school will like to thanked all the teachers and parents involved, for their hard work in setting up their respective booth. It was a huge success where the school was able to conduct a fun and educating day for all the students. Congrates guys, we made it.

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